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I took this photograph yesterday, I’ve been in Presence my whole life and have seen so many miracles but rarely record them, So here is one just for you…

Hola my friends, I love hearing from you, please share your solutions.
Your voice matters very much. Your contribution is precious.
That’s why I do all this stuff, website, social media…
Trust me it is not easy for I’m a total hermit. I can be alone in nature,
chatting with the intelligence of the Universe all day just like Mowgli!
Kisses Karina

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27 thoughts on “Tribe Comments & Messages

  1. Hi!Karina i’m your new fan from China.I love Marina in the L word.Because she is so hot.You’re the best.I will always love you~

  2. What do you say to someone that has most likely heard everything? Thank you for your movies, I enjoy them very much! They have brought me much pleasure. I enjoy your diversity… Your outward beauty and because I don’t know you personally can only speculate on your internal beauty. Your music, written words and interviews share a glimpse of that to me. Thank you!

  3. Saludos Karina

    Me gusta mucho lo que estás haciendo, personas como tú hay pocas en este mundo. Es lindo encontrar seres llenos de energías positivas y amantes de la Madre Tierra. Yo amo la naturaleza, la belleza se encuentra en todas partes: los lagos, los árboles, las flores, los animales…todo lo que nos rodea es maravilloso, sólo debemos darnos cuenta y aprovecharlo. Te deseo lo mejor y muchos éxitos. Besos desde Perú y el mundo.

  4. Hola Karina, since we met my life seems to flow more easily, I view my life in a much more positive way and I am following my bliss!
    I have my lean body back and my skin is clear and radiant! I look like I did 10 years ago, your gift is extraordinary.
    Immense gratitude for all that you bring to this world and the changes you bring about in people’s lives. It is such an honour to know you, Thank You.
    I look forward to more abundant joy in the future!
    À bientôt!

  5. Hi Karina,
    You are amazing. Your smile is breathtaking. Your eyes are so knowing but innocent. Your heart and soul are shared with Mother Earth. Thank you for being you. Stay true to yourself. Thank you for allowing us to discover a magnificent piece of you.

  6. Hi Karina:
    Thank you very much for a great session. I slept like a baby just like you told me I would. I feel so much energy, something I have not experienced in a while. I learned so much with you. You taught me how to use my chakras. You saw something in me that confirmed what some people have been telling me, but you also saw something else that no one ever saw. I am working with my breathing, my choice and gravity. I will keep practicing and I hope you and I can be in touch. I don’t know why, but for some reason I feel like I know you, maybe not in this life time, but in a different life time.
    Maria Acosta

  7. Dear Karina,
    I am from China so it’s difficult to watch American TV show in China Mainland.
    It’s really surprised me I watch The L World just yesterday maybe it’s 13 years later.
    Now i am around 30 so I have strongly feeling about the story between Jenny and Marina.
    I am sorry my English is not good enough.
    Hope you happy and stay healthy.
    I wish I could travel to California soon.

  8. I booked a remote healing session with Karina yesterday and today I woke up feeling incredible.
    I’ve been dealing with a lot of the daily life and personal family stress.
    I took myself to feeling so much anxiety, worries, and overall overwhelmed.
    On my way to work I started feeling so much peace of mind and JOY within me. This is an incredible feeling!
    I started to think back at the reasons of feeling overwhelmed and to my surprise, I don’t feel worried about that anymore.
    I am truly grateful to be part of Karina’s magical energy movement. I can’t say enough about amazing work Karina is doing.
    People need to experience it once to understand and feel that JOY!

  9. Hola Karina, te escribo desde Madrid, España, tengo entendido que hablas español, te sigo en facebook desde hace algún tiempo, he accedido por primera vez a tú página web, he quedado gratamente sorprendida y me he animado a escribir estas palabras. Veo que eres una persona amante de los animales y la naturaleza, eso dice mucho de tí. Si algún día viajas a Madrid, será muy gratificante el poder conocerte. Un saludo.

  10. Hi Karina, I had so much fun spending time with you on Sunday and learned so much and loved trying something new for dinner. thank you Diana 🙂

  11. Dear Karina,
    Wow! That was a great experience. At first I saw you and I thought hmmm what is this all about, but then you showed me that energy is what it’s all about. In just one day you showed me that I shouldn’t be afraid to do what I want and to be myself. I truly felt like I had more space around me and could be more open with people. You are a very amazing young woman and I am great full I was able to meet you. Thank You Karina.

  12. Hello karina. I had an amazing moment speaking to you. You are a true person. Thank you for your advise..

  13. Hello karina. I had an amazing moment speaking to you. You are a true person. Thank you for your advise..

  14. Hi Karina,
    I just wanted to say you are a wonderful & beautiful gifted person. The way you care about the environment and the animals that live in it. Also how the way you help people channel their energy to better their lives and future. I am happy and joyed to have had privilege of getting to know you and look forward to our next meet.
    Mucho love,
    “Aka” Valdivia Tribe

  15. Hello Karina, this is Natalie. For anyone reading this, Karina is such an incredible and gifted woman. The first day I met her I knew she was someone who could help me on my path of life. I’m 19, and a believer in everything that she does. I’m thankful that she wants to help the youth of today. I’m thankful that my family and I got to meet her. If you get the chance to meet her and work with her, you will not be disappointed, if anything it is a privilege to be in her presence. Hello from the Quiet Tribe!

  16. I met Karina a few months ago and I can definitely say that she has a beautiful gift that has helped change me completely. Her sessions are incredible. I started a group session in August and moved to private sessions. Meeting her and being part of the beautiful energy she navigates into your life has been the most rewarding feeling ever! I recommend her to anyone who is looking for inner self change, positive life energy and weight loss too!

  17. All I will say is many people are now waking up to the fact that we can no longer sustain a world built entirely on neo-liberalist greed, non-sustainable practice and ignorance. Every one of our systems is flawed: Fiscal, educational, health, care and community. They must be re-engineered – and it’s a huge (interconnected) job. It’s important we use our influence in the best way we can – and I look forward to updates. I’ve book-marked the site – and will be checking back in.
    Tokhi Waniphika Ni!

  18. Dear Karina,
    I so wish I could attend your “Art of Shape Shifting Classes’’ you hosting, unfortunately distance permits me to attend. Your class is exactly what I need right now! and I believe your teaching and feedback would be fundamental in my life.
    After reading your class overview it made me realize so much more about who you are, and how you truly wish to help, teach, guide and bring positive change to people’s lives.
    There are so view people that care, that take the time to unleash peoples negativity and realize that we all have the power within to change and make a positive difference.
    So I wish to acknowledge you and your inspiring talent, which is uniquely your inner vibrancy and free spirited gift of sharing.
    I wish you great success, and please continue to transcend your love and passion for change – it does not go unnoticed, and there is no time or distance limitation to your ability and destiny.
    Best Wishes
    Vanessé S

  19. Thank you Karina for a wonderful adventure yesterday. I have done a lot of inner work with other people who have helped me get to where I am but My session with you was unbelieveable. I was able to go so deep within and feel that clarity which I was so looking for.
    Your gift is truly amazing.
    Thank you.

  20. The shapeshifting class has been such an amazing experience. Changes every day….so excited about losing the weight…no diet…no super hard work on the body 🙂

  21. Hey there,
    I’m not quite into fangirling and much of what I’m thinking about you is already written…so.
    I just want to say that I’m grateful. I’m fascinated by your attitude and wish that someday, other people (and myself too) could say the same about me.
    Your bio and especially your role as Marina in The L-Word gave me confidence; although I know, that it’s a fictional character.

  22. Dear Karina♡
    I think you are very attractive.☺︎
    I hope you’ll come and visit us in Japan someday. Surely there are many Japanese movie fans who feel the same way.
    As it has been hot in Japan, I do hope you will continue to take good care of your health.

  23. Hallo Karina

    Ich bin nicht wirklich ein Fan, aber ich finde deine Biografie und die Homepage, allgemein, sehr interessant. Ich bin sehr gespannt, was als nächstes kommt.

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

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