“I am very grateful to have experienced a group then individual session with Karina. The arthritic pain in my spine is gone, my body moves and breathes more easily and my general wellbeing just gets better every day.  A truly unique and wonderful experience that has had a profound effect on my life.”   Lisa,  Accountant  – Perth Australia

“From the first moments of the session you made me feel welcome and comfortable. You introduced me to so many positive life changing things. Your ability to make me reach further within me is incredible! I walked out of the session feeling inspired and enlightened! I have more clarity, I am more serene, I feel happier and more hopeful in general than I have been in years! I have this inner joy and I smile more.

I am eternally grateful to you for your guidance, insights, wisdom, and inspiration. You have such an amazing and powerful presence! You are truly one of a kind!”  Laura, Professional – LA, CA

“I was curious about TAOS. ‘What do I truly desire?’, my mind began answering with a multitude of unfulfilled desires. I, initially, attended a class and then took a workshop in Costa Rica with Karina. What I learned from her was enlightening. I learned to Breathe. Every time she said ‘breathe’, I realized that I was not breathing. At least, I was not breathing steadily; with relaxed and controlled breathing, but with jagged, quick, and paused breathing. I learned to focus, which is a constant task for now. I can attain a multitude of desires, but I must first focus on what is most desired. I learned to acknowledge my potential, and that part of my body which is blocking that potential. I was able to let go in much of the workshop. I am learning to receive the gifts of the universe. What a relief! I have, for now, some tools to put in place for my journey. Thankyou Karina for lighting a path for me. Many blessings and love.”
-Gaile, Software Developer
Columbia, SC

“A sublime experience. Afterwards I felt refreshed, revived and renewed. I was calm, I felt that nothing could stress me, that I could handle anything that came my way, I just had to breathe. Today. The awareness that resulted from my session has continued. I feel more confident, serene and life is more harmonious than I ever thought possible. There is a tide of creativity and inspiration flowing purposefully and fearlessly through my day now. Karina, you have a wonderful gift and I am honoured and privileged to have spent time in your presence. Thank you so much for your light. I am in flow!”
– Elizabeth, Physician Anesthesiologist
London, England

Every session with you gives me tons of reasons as to why you are such a gift to this world! Your work during my session yesterday was another big stepping stone for me. From doubt>to happiness >to anger >to awareness>to such a feeling of gratitude was quiet something else. More people around the world must know the magic of your gift Karina. The gift that sets you apart from just about everyone in this world. Beautiful! I feel that happiness that everyone talks about after your sessions and it’s a bliss that is with me 24/7.”
– Maria, IT professional
Hollywood, CA

“I have a 12 year old dog who has a calm, sweet demeanor, with occasional but rare bouts of puppy-like joy. Karina spent less than a minute with him, laying hands on his head. She said she felt the heat! The next day he was hiking, playing, dancing, and galumphing all around. What a joy to see him celebrate his energy.”
– Roy, voice coach
Frazier Park, CA

“As you predicted, I’m losing weight. Also I finally understand what inner peace means. I have noticed that I am laughing more. I keep hearing your words and encouragement. I’m feeling so much gratitude.”
– Eliza, fashion designer
Paris, France

“Thank you Karina for a wonderful adventure yesterday. I have done a lot of inner work with other people who have helped me get to where I am but My session with you was unbelieveable. I was able to go so deep within and feel that clarity which I was so looking for.
Your gift is truly amazing.”
Thank you.
– Caroline, professional
West Covina, CA

First off, thank you so much for giving your time and energy to me. Everything that day seemed brighter and more alive – including me. I felt very powerful and very aware of exactly what my body wanted. I even felt a little taller for some reason. You were very right about connecting my mind and my body. Those two things are feeling more connected than they ever have. ”
– Bill, writer-director
Redondo Beach, CA

“I want to thank you for Friday’s session. It was amazing. I don’t know what you did, but I feel like a new me! I feel transformed in many ways. Thank you for giving me a new opportunity in life. I mentioned to my daughters that I felt something beautiful inside me…. very hard to explain what it is. My 7 year old said “maybe you ate a flower”. I am looking forward to future sessions and also working with you.”
– Maritza, business manager
Los Angeles, CA

“Yesterday my session with Karina was about gratitude and connecting with my heart. All of a sudden we hear the flapping of wings. We look and there is hawk sitting by the pool looking at us. How amazing is that!? Coincidence?! The hawk looked at us for awhile serene, then flew away majestic. What an amazing encounter! Thank you, Karina, for opening my eyes to the amazing ways the Universe shows us the way.”
– Vitaliy, IT professional,
North Hollywood. CA

“I felt as if the fog was cleared and I had regained a higher level of reasoning, problem solving and spatial thinking. I feel so much more confident and creative than ever. I feel I have rediscovered my inner strength and voice that keeps telling me anything is possible.” Darren, business professional
San Diego, CA

“There have been moments in my life, that have had a profound influence on me, the sessions I experienced with Karina, I count as one of them. In my personal search and questioning, I obtained clarity around my sense of purpose, there was much needed healing and also a reconnection with my inner resources and strengths (my superpowers!). Thank-you Karina for your transformative, beautiful positive energy that you engage with, it is formidably powerful and liberating and I am so deeply inspired by your work in this field and remain overwhelmingly and immensely grateful”.
– Adèle, registered practitioner

“You are truly amazing! I feel you gave me so much and have so much to teach me.”
– Kate, actress
Los Angeles, CA

“People around me have commented that I seem different. Lighter, happier, glowing are some of the expressions I have heard.”
– Martha, manager
Hollywood, CA

“I felt so rested that I peacefully fell asleep as if relieved of all worries. When I woke up, I realized my leftover cough from my earlier bronchitis was gone! Thank you so much Karina.”
– Lisa, government agent
NYC, New York

This fast track to bliss is a most welcome respite. I seriously recommend this easy but profound journey to anyone. With deep gratitude and praise”
– Billy, actor-director
Pasadena, CA

“Thank you so much for the extraordinary session! I am feeling rejuvenated and I am down 40 pounds!”
– Marie, personal assistant
Westwood, CA

“I felt light and peaceful in a way I had not felt in several years. Problems and issues that had been very stressful to me seemed less significant and I found myself having a peaceful confidence that everything would be OK and a knowing that everything is in the process of working itself out.”
– Stephanie, yoga instructor
San Diego, CA

“It was like being held in a loving warm embrace; very gentle yet vibrating with energy. I felt joy welling up inside me, a sense of wellbeing.”
– Kirk, teacher
Los Angeles, CA

“This morning when I woke up, I felt alive, alert and energized in a way I have not felt in some time
My mind has felt calmer and clearer today. I also feel my breathing continuing to improve.
Thank you, Karina for helping me lift these cages off of my body!”
– Andrea, actress
Silverlake, CA

“Your skills in professional coaching are no joke. You impressed me yesterday with the coaching and if you’d been in my early business life, I would be making millions right now. I recognize that! In two days, my life and my body began a new journey.”
– Maria, computer analyst
West Covina, CA

“I was vibrating all night with the clarity you brought and our vision is getting stronger and brighter by the second because of it.”
– Heidi, screenwriter
Venice, CA

“I met Karina a few months ago and I can definitely say that she has a beautiful gift that has helped change me completely. Her sessions are incredible. I started a group session in August and moved to private sessions. Meeting her and being part of the beautiful energy she navigates into your life has been the most rewarding feeling ever! I recommend her to anyone who is looking for inner self change, positive life energy and weight loss too!”
– Maritza, office manager
Bel air, CA


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