What else is possible? Welcome to TAOS world bliss! Catch the spiral of Joy. Let it fly you into the infinite of a paradigm in which to laugh, choose in deliciousness. Awake. In harmony with Nature, with all the intelligence of the Universe, remember who you are... What is Alchemy? What if you could follow your bliss with ease? Everything is Energy, Vibrations & Frequency... Read Testimonials Curious? Actor "Hi Karina, ... The way you care about the environment, the animals that live in it and the way you help people channel their energy to better their lives and future inspires me..." "Thank you for all the knowledge and content you share with us, it really inspired me to keep searching a new and more pure way to experience life and connection with all beings. With my deepest gratitude and love" World Traveler GRATITUDE FOR THE BREATH OF LIFE & THE MIGHTY INTELLIGENCE WITHIN MY BODY I AM DIVINE PRESENCE "I booked a remote healing session with Karina yesterday and today I woke up feeling incredible. I’ve been dealing with a lot of family stress, anxiety, worries, just totally overwhelmed. Today I started feeling so happy. I can’t say enough about the amazing work Karina is doing. People need to experience it once to understand and feel that JOY!" Maritza M. "Karina is such an incredible and gifted woman. The first day I met her I knew she was someone who could help me on my path of life..." Natalie V. Freedom Catcher The Art Of Shapeshifting " Your gift is truly amazing. Thank you. I felt as if the fog was cleared... I experienced floating sensations, a kaleidoscope of images. I felt electrified with potential as well as a sense of inner peace and calm that cannot be explained. I feel I have re-discovered my inner strength that keeps telling me anything is possible..." "There have been moments in my life, that have had a profound influence on me, the sessions I experienced with Karina, I count as one of them. Thank-you Karina for your transformative, beautiful positive energy that you engage with, it is formidably powerful and liberating and I am so deeply inspired by your work in this field and remain overwhelmingly and immensely grateful” Adele
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14 thoughts on “Home

  1. Watching you in The Firm (again) ! That’s my favorite part of the movie with you in it! I’m thinking ” Why can’t I be sensual and seductive like that?” Lol ???? Hope all is well with you! Happy New Year with Lots of Love, Deanna????????????????????????

  2. I’m not lesbian or bisexual but I’m totally agree to other commentators here, Karina Lombard is one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world. And she seems so down to earth. Hope she got more project in show business or acting.

  3. rewatching The L Word … Marina … one season wtf !!!! Seriously, they should have ditched Jenny. Marinas accent makes me melt 🙂

  4. dear Karina –
    The opening lines of your website “Welcome to new possibilities?” seemed intriguing and may I add inspiring…

    Well, I have seen your work in some TV Series – Something about you is mystifying and magnetic in many ways… And well, I looked you up and landed on this site.

    By way of introduction, I am a 41 y.o. woman – I live in Singapore (Far East) and work in a Swiss Private Bank but rest assured, I am not into sales so this is not an email to seek your patronage 🙂

    More if this message gets through to you and if there is an opportunity to connect with the real you (Karina Lombard)

    Best wishes,

  5. Hello Karina,
    I hope you are having a lovely day. I think you are a wonderful actress and wish I could see more of you on tv. I love your voice it is so sexy as well as you are. Do you have a fan club? Not real sure how this twitter goes but have tried it a couple of times but not sure you received it. Are you currently in any movies/films? I am a big fan of yours and would love to have a picture of you if that is possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this. You are truly a great actress.

  6. I just want to say that you encouraged me to be a lesbian who I am. I’m proud of myself and gratitude for you. I am Brazilian, and one day I hope I can want to meet you. I want to be an actress and sometimes writer. But why not both? Anyway, thank you. (My girlfriend looks a lot like you, and sometimes tease her about it. Just something I wanted to say. ) Love you, Karina.

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